Smart bike for your e-cycling

Are you looking for a smart bike which makes it possible to compete with others?

Monark EVO can be connected to a TV or computer to see monitor your cycling. Make your cycling training more fun and rewarding.

The advantages of a smart bike

Customize your e-bike experience with EVO from Monark. This product offers several advantages for those who want to cycle indoors. With features such as high calibration and measurability precision, a realistic biking experience and third-party application compatibility, we present a high quality product which offers many possibilities.

Purchase a smart bike from Monark

Monark EVO may look like a regular exercise bike – but it is far more. Connecting by app to a computer or TV, it makes it possible to enter into virtual bike races. Instead of sitting and looking at a wall, you see how you are progressing on different paths and can even compete with your own personal best.

The Evo bike ride experience is outstanding. Those who have tested this smart bike reporta back a robust, solid bike and and a fantastic cycling experience. Making Monark EVO the perfect e-bike. It is – simply – an ideal choice for adventurous and intense virtual races.

Some of Evo’s characteristics

Our bikes are known for their measurement reliability, which is due to the pendulum system which makes the calibration accurate. Combined with the new Novo Mini display, electronic shifters and sprint buttons, this product exudes quality.

Wireless connectivity via BLE and ANT+ allows you to connect to third-party applications. These applications can control the resistance of the Monark EVO and provide many other possibilities. Overall, this provides a realistic cycling experience on Zwift, for example.