Rehab exercise bike

Are you in the market for a rehab bike? Monark’s solutions are used by testing centers, physical therapists and similar rehab professionals

If you are in the market for easy to use rehab and exercise bikes, Monark is a good choice. As always, we manufacture bikes which are durable and of great build quality. Browse our product line and discover if our products are a good fit for you.

Rehab training bikes – which models do we offer?

871 is compact and easy to use. Suitable for arms and legs exercise.

881 is an ergometer for arms and legs. Can be calibrated and adjusted.

927 is an easy to use training- and rehabilitation bike.

928 is the perfect bike ergometer for work trials, exercise and rehabilitation.

Monark 939 is the most advanced medical bike ergometer in our product line.

Technical flexibility and advantages

The measuring accuracy of Monark products is of the utmost quality. This is due to the pendulum system, which results in exact calibration. Our products are being used for rehabilitation, testing, work trials and of course exercise. We know they are highly cherished by customers and are used by everyone from test centers to rehabilitation. It gives us great joy knowing that so many customers opt to use a Monark.

A common thread in our product line is their consistent high quality. Our brand is also well established and well cared for. Our production begins with a carefully thought out build quality and a love of our own products.