Make our customer shine

We take pride in our quality work, and for us that is everything from our products to the customer service we provide - we are working to maintain high quality trough out the whole chain. Our products must go through a product development process to ensure a safe product, the product doesn't stop developing when it is finished, we constantly improve our products, during the journey.

By participating in, and running various research and development projects, including Olympic test centers around the world. These projects are very important in our work with developing our products and to stay in the front line in the areas of advanced testing, rehabilitation and health care. Maintaining the quality and features on our products, that the customer is demanding. Research has always been at the very heart of the Monark Exercise brand, as well as the notion that physical fitness is the key to personal well-being.

The original Monark cycle ergometer was developed in the 1950s, in collaboration with Per-Olof Åstrand, a Swedish professor of physiology, whose recognized as one of the backbones of the science of exercise physiology in the mid-20th century.

Our Vision is to make our customer shine and together contribute to a sustainable development of an active society. We are producing bicycle ergometers with accurate and reliable data and trough the years we have established ourself as one of the leading manufacturers of ergometers for testing and training. We are constantly working to maintain the quality we are known for, we carry out inspections of our suppliers as well as develop and carry out final inspections of our products to ensure that our products continues to be of the best quality. Our factory is ISO certified since 1997 and our Sports & Medical products approved as Medical Device since 2010.