E-cycling bike simulator

Buy a bike simulator which opens up new exercise and bike racing possibilities

Using Monark EVO, you can connect your bike to your TV or computer and go for a ride in exciting environments. Your bike exercise routine will be more rewarding and enjoyable with our product.  

Why get the bike simulator?

EVO from Monark allows for a customized e-cycling experience. It offers several in-door training advantages. The product can be very precisely calibrated. The simulator ride experience is very realistic and is set up to interact with third party apps. This is a product which offers many possibilities and is made to the highest quality.

For virtual racing

Monark Evo may appear to be an ordinary exercise bike, but it is far more than that. Using an app, the bike connects to a computer or TV which allows for virtual bike races. Ride your bike down virtual roads and compete against your own and other’s best lap times.

The riding experience is realistic. People having tried this bike simulator report back a durable product and an enjoyable bike riding experience. This will be your new best e-cycling friend. It is, in short, the optimal choice for challenging workouts and high intensity virtual racing.

Technical advantages

Monark products feature excellent measuring accuracy, due to the pendulum system. This results in exact calibration. The combination of the new Novo Mini display, the electronic shifter and the sprint buttons makes this bike an excellent option.  

EVO connects through BLE and ANT+. Using these technologies you can connect to third party apps, which among other things can control the resistance of the Monark EVO. In summary, this gives you a first class bike riding experience in for example Zwift.