Electronic shifters

Accesory art.nr 9307-44 – Works with LC6 Novo Duo and EVO

The workload can be regulated with two different settings, single or “press and hold”.
The shifters on the right side increases and the left side decreases The workload.

Preset workload adjustment:
• Single click – default increase/decrease i steps of 25 W/0,25 kp
• Press and hold – First one single increase/decrease after that continous increase/decrease with 50 W/0,5 kp until the button is released.


Sprintbutton on the right side increases and the left side decreases the workload.

  1. Function where there is only clicks (no press and hold) and the user set the steps as they choose. (Sprint buttons can then gear up or down 2 kp / 200watt, regardless of what work load is used, 7 kp is always maximum.
  2. Functions where the buttons sends you directly to the preset value (sprint button can for example gear up directly to 7kp,or directly down to 3 kp, and the function always takes the profile of the track into account, won’t brake the simulationfrom Zwift.
  3. Function where sprint buttons are used as shifters. Both with single clicks OR press and hold.

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