Exercise bike physical testing

Good phyiscal health is important for sports performance but also for handling everyday tasks. Good fitness strengthens health and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Research also shows that your brain's capacity is also improved by an increased oxygen absorption capacity so we can say that cardio training is a smart investment. What fitness level are you at today? Do you have a high or low fitness level? You get can find the answers by taking a physical test.


At Monark, we recommend the LC7TT and LC6 models, and we base it on these features:

The LC7TT is the first test bike that enables objective time-trial tests where the test subject adjusts the output or braking force. This bike is the first test bike that enables objective time-trial tests where the test subject himself adjusts the output power or braking force through the shift controls on the handlebars and where the bike speed is calculated based on the measured power.

The LC6 is equipped with the Novo system, which enables quick and precise adjustment of the resistance. The resistance can either be RPM dependent or RPM independent. The LC6 Novo can be used as a standalone ergometer or be controlled by external devices such as oxygen uptake systems, ECG systems or computers.


For an exercise bike to be named best in tests, it must be well-constructed and durable, have a excellent and easy-to-use training computer and suit both tall and short exercisers. Preferably it is also easy to move around. When choosing an exercise bike, you should first of all think about how much you will use the bike and for what. If you intend to use it for warming up or cooling down – before or after a workout – you may not have as high demands on comfort and technology as if the exercise bike is the main workout itself. The testers have been focusing on the price, design, functions (such as number of programs and connection via Bluetooth), user-friendliness (type of resistance, flywheel, saddle/handlebar adjustability and maximum user weight) and how easy the machine is to store (size, weight and whether transport wheels are available).

We have the best exercise bikes for fitness testing

If you need a bike that gives you a reliable result in physical tests, Monark has the right bike for you. We specialize in training, exercise and competition bikes.