High accuracy measurements test bike

If you are looking for a test bike with reliable measurements, Monark is a premium choice

As is our longstanding tradition, we build dependent test bikes, featuring reliable measurements and high build quality. Our bikes are popular with testing centers, physical therapists and others. 

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High accuracy test bikes – which models are we offering?

LC7TT is a high technology marvel meant for advanced testing. LC7 TT is the very first test bike featuring objective time-trial-tests, during which the test subject adjusts power output or braking power.

LC6 is the perfect ergometer for physiological testing. This is the preferred option for laboratories requiring high precision and test repeatability.    

Monark 939 is the most advanced medical bike ergometer in our product line.

928E is the ideal bike ergometer for work trials, exercise and rehabilitation.

Technical advantages

Monark products feature a very high measurement accuracy. This is because of their pendulum system which results in exact calibration. Product areas of use are rehabilitation, work trials, testing and exercise. Featuring high flexibility, our products are able to perform very well and we take great pride in many people choosing Monark. 

A common theme in our product line is our product quality. This is true for all bikes of the Monark brand. We are the custodians of a long-established brand, which we care for deeply, and it all starts with careful attention paid to build quality and our love for our products.