Looking for a Zwift compatible bike?

Monark EVO is ready to connect to the Swift service, offering a cycling experience that is very realistic. Join cyclists all over the world and race them on a bike that delivers a high-class experience.

The advantages of a Monark Zwift bike

Maximize your e-cycling experience with EVO from Monark. Our bikes offer several advantages for anyone wanting to connect to Zwift and bike together. A particular advantage is the high precision calibration and measurability, the realistic biking experience and the compatibility with third-party applications  – such as Zwift. EVO is a high quality bike featuring many possibilities.

What is EVO?

The Monark Evo looks like an exercise bike. However, it is something more than that. Via BLE and ANT+ you can connect this Zwift Bike to various services. These applications can control the resistance on the Monark EVO, and thus contribute to a good cycling experience. The bottom line, is that this provides a realistic cycling experience when you’re out Zwifting.

Users of this Zwift Bike say that it is of solid construction and provides an excellent cycling experience. In short – it’s just great for e-cycling. It’s also just waiting for you to take it on adventurous and intense virtual races.