Exercise bike max fit

Are you looking for an exercise bike to get max fit? Monark has a large selection of exercise bikes that can help you on your journey. Check out our models here!

Are you interested in fitness, but want to take your training to the next level? At Monark you will find exercise bikes that will help you on the right path towards your desired fitness level

Here at Monark we have a long history in training, rehab and exercise, and can offer you exactly what you want out of your fitness journey.


To raise your level of fitness, we think the EVO is suitable for achieving extreme fitness. With electronic shifters and sprint buttons that the user can set according to their own preferences. Choose whether you want to use the “press and hold function” or “short or long presses” to change gears. The robust ergometer together with the characteristic flywheel create an incredible cycling experience.

The LC6 is an uncompromising top model from Monark. For those who only settle for the best on the market.

Perfect riding position is important for maximum performance. Monark LC6 has a brand new frame that is infinitely adjustable in all directions. The frame also reduces the Q-factor and increases the possibilities for perfect performance. The new adjustability capablities along with an updated braking system makes Monark’s renowned cycling experience even better.


Monark has always been known for the reliability of its bikes. Now, it is even better.

These bikes, like all Monark products, are made in Sweden. Since 1954, world-class training bikes are produced in Vansbro, so there is a long and solid experience of building training bikes that has been included in the development of EVO and LC6.