Test cycle for interval training

Test cycle for interval training

Monark Sports & Medical is your expert partner when it comes to providing advanced test cycles for interval training. Our cycles are manufactured to assess physical work capacity and monitor fitness levels. Developed over years of collaboration with elite athletes and world-class trainers, these cycles are tailored for optimal performance.

What makes Monark stand out?  

Over the years, we have continually refined and enhanced our products with the latest technology. We take pride in having developed the original system introduced as early as 1954. This early technology already included unique calibration capabilities with extremely high measurement accuracy. Our quality and durability have made Monark a leader in interval training bicycles.  

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Focus on performance and accuracy  

Our cycles are specifically designed to support intensive interval training, a critical component of modern exercise research. Our roots trace back to collaborations with world-leading athletes and trainers, including partnerships with institutions like GIH and Karolinska. The unique, calibrated pendulum system in our cycles ensures the highest possible accuracy and stability during intense workout sessions.  

Safety and results  

Safety is always a priority in intensive interval training. Our ergometers are equipped with the latest industry-leading features to ensure user well-being and deliver reliable performance results. Explore our comprehensive range of test cycles for interval training, each carefully crafted to meet the demands set by modern exercise research. Monark is the obvious choice for researchers and trainers striving for peak performance and results in interval training.  

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