Submaximal performance testing

Submaximal performance testing

The Åstrand test is a cycling test developed by professor Per-Olof Åstrand. Åstrand was a pioneer in modern exercise physiology working at GIH in Stockholm. The goal of this 6-minute submaximal cycle test is to measure the maximal oxygen uptake capacity (VO2 max) which is very useful for health screenings and medical rehabilitation.

Which exercise bikes are suitable for the test?

For a sub-maximal test we recommend using the following bikes: LC7TT, LC6, 939 and 928. This to test the individual on several occasions, for example during a training period, determining whether a cardio workout has been effective. For this the LC7TT can be helpful as it has high measurement accuracy and great calibration possibilities.
The 939 is our most advanced medical cycle ergometer. It is specially designed to facilitate physiological tests where high accuracy and repeatability are necessary and it is one of the world’s most accurate cycle ergometers.
928 is a rpm-independent cycle ergometer (constant power regardless of pedaling speed) with a low step and upright cycling position. The brake load can be operated directly via the display or from a computer using the Monark Test Software.

What is required of an exercise bike?

For an exercise bike to be named best in tests, it must be well-constructed and durable, have a good and easy-to-use training computer and suit both tall and short exercisers. It should also be easy to move around. When choosing an exercise bike, you should first of all think about how much you will use the bike and for what.
If you are going to use it for warming up or cooling down, before or after a workout, you may not have as high demands on comfort and technology as if the exercise bike is the main workout itself. The test performers have taken a closer look at price, design, functions (such as number of programs and connection via Bluetooth), user-friendliness (type of resistance, flywheel, saddle/handlebar adjustability and maximum user weight) and how easy the machine is to store (size, weight and whether transport wheels are available).