Smart bike for virtual race

Buy a smart bike from Monark which enables virtual cycling and online racing.

Monark EVO connects to a TV or computer through services such as Zwift. Maximize your virtual cycling, making it more fun and enjoyable.

Smart bike with many advantages

Your EVO e-cycling experience is customized in an exciting way, This product offers many advantages for anyone looking to cycle in virtual worlds with Zwift. Calibration and measuring is managed with high precision, in conjunction with EVO’s very realistic bike riding experience. EVO is also compatible with third party apps like Zwift. With EVO, we offer a high quality product full of possibilities.

Buy a smart bike from Monark

Monark EVO looks like an ordinary exercise bike. Through a wireless connection via BLE and ANT+, the bike can connect to third party apps like Zwift. By hooking up the bike to a computer or TV, you are then ready for virtual bike races. Compete with others in exciting virtual environments, improve your best lap times and get in a good workout without even stepping outside. 

Everyone who has experienced this smart bike reports back an outstanding driving experience, a solid construction and that it’s perfect for e-cycling. And now, it awaits you, ready to bring you adventurous and thrilling virtual races. 

A realistic biking experience

The Monark EVO resistance can be adjusted through apps. This means that a variety of settings each affect how the bike feels to use; biking uphill, for example, will vary between settings. This guarantees a realistic bike experience.

The pendulum system of our bikes result in an exact and virtually real-world calibration. As with other bikes, this is also true for EVO. The new Novo Mini display, electronic gear lever and sprint buttons are even more reasons to jump on this e-bike.