Monark 939E Novo Duo

939 is a smart ergometer, that communicates wireless or via cable. Covering all the needs the user might have. Regardless of what you choose your 939 will give you the accuracy and the real bike feel, that the Monark ergometers are known for. The robust frame together with the heavy flywheel creates an unbelievable bike feeling. With Monark’s unique pendulum system you can calibrate your ergometer and be certain your values from this measurement are fully comparable to your next session. All together it makes 939 the perfect ergometer for you and your business.

The 939E Novo Duo is our top of the line medical cycle ergometer, especially designed to facilitate advanced physiological tests where accuracy and repeatability are essential. The easy entry frame and upright cycling position creates a perfect test, rehabilitation and training ergometer for all cyclists.
The 939E Novo Duo is equipped with the Novo Duo display system which guaranties a very fast and accurate adjustment of the resistance. The ergometer can be used as stand-alone unit or be controlled by an external system like a metabolic cart, ECG-system or a computer. Monark’s unique pendulum and calibration system guarantee unmatched accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

Speed independent and dependent power control
Easy to control and calibrate
BLE Smart and ANT+ HR systems
Easy to connect to external devices
Workload range 4-1400 W (200 rpm)
Protocols: Depending external device functionality
Training mode: Watt, KPM/min, VO2, kP and N

The Novo Duo offers a wireless connection trough BLE and ANT+ (trough FTMS and FE-C protocol) and creates new opportunities to connect to 3rd hand applications. (T.ex. Zwift or Kinomap) With the motor controlling the workload it makes it possible for a third party applications to control the workload on your ergometer for a better cycling experience.

939E Novo Duo is built on a stable frame, a large wellbalanced flywheel, a break belt and a pendulum weight which measures the force. The pedals operate around the flywheel via a chain, while a stretch mechanism tightens the brake belt to regulate the braking force
to affect the flywheel. This braking force can be read directly by the pendulum on the scale on the left side of the bike

Novo Duo is the new display system that improves the function of Monarks ergometers. It works simple with modern technology. Novo Duo has support for wireless connection through ANT+ and Bluetooth. This yields new possibilites no matter what third part unit the user wants to connect to. Novo Duo makes it easy for the user in science, education, training, rehabilitation, and VO2 max tests etc

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