Introducing the Novo Duo Display – Elevate Your Ergometer Experience!

We’re thrilled to announce the updated version of the Novo Duo display (formerly known as Novo Mini) – the perfect addition to our range of high-quality ergometers. With this enhancement, we’re taking your fitness experience to a whole new level.

Seamless Connectivity for a SMART Workout

We understand the importance of seamless communication in your fitness routines. That’s why the Novo Duo offers wireless connection capabilities via both BLE and ANT+ protocols, utilizing FTMS (Fitness Machine Service) and FE-C (Fitness Equipment Controls). What does this mean for you? It means your ergometer is now SMART, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of third-party applications.

Total Control Over Your Workout

With the Novo Duo, you’re in the driver’s seat like never before. The display’s advanced motor control capability empowers third-party applications to take charge of your workout. Now, you can enjoy the flexibility of having your favorite fitness apps dictate the workload on our different ergometers. It’s all about customization and control.

Upgrade Your Monark Ergometer

Do you already own one of our Monark ergometers and want to experience the Novo Duo difference? Good news! We’ve made it possible to exchange the older display on selected products with the all-new Novo Duo display. This means you can enjoy the benefits of SMART communication, whether it’s via BLE or ANT+, without the need for a new ergometer. If you want to know if it is possible on your bike, get in touch and we will help you!

Discover the Novo Duo today and redefine your fitness journey. It’s not just an ergometer; it’s your gateway to a smarter, more dynamic workout experience.

Precision Testing with Novo Duo: Redefining Ergometer Performance

At Monark Sports & Medical, we understand that precision testing is crucial for professionals, athletes, and researchers in various fields. That’s why we’ve taken our commitment to innovation a step further with the all-new Novo Duo display. When it comes to conducting tests with our ergometers, the Novo Duo redefines the game.

Enhanced Testing Capabilities

The Novo Duo is not just a display; it’s a powerful tool that elevates the quality and accuracy of testing processes. Whether you’re performing VO2 max tests, cardiovascular assessments, or any other specialized evaluations, the Novo Duo empowers you with enhanced capabilities:

  1. Real-Time Data: Access critical data such as heart rate, power output, cadence, resistance levels, and more in real-time. This instant feedback allows for precise monitoring and adjustments during tests.
  2. Customizable Workloads: With the Novo Duo, you have full control over the ergometer’s workload parameters. Fine-tune resistance, cadence, and intensity to match the specific requirements of your test protocols.
  3. Seamless Integration: The Novo Duo’s wireless connectivity via BLE and ANT+ ensures seamless integration with third-party testing applications. This means you can use the software you trust for your assessments while benefiting from the precision of our ergometer.

VO2 Max Testing Made Easy

VO2 max testing is a gold standard in assessing an individual’s aerobic fitness and overall cardiovascular health. The Novo Duo simplifies the process, making it more efficient and accurate:

  • Precise Control: Adjust the ergometer’s resistance levels with utmost precision, ensuring that test subjects are challenged optimally for accurate VO2 max measurements.
  • Realistic Simulation: Utilize the simulation mode to replicate various cycling scenarios, allowing for ecologically valid tests that mimic real-world conditions.
  • Data Analysis: Seamlessly export test data to your preferred analysis software for in-depth evaluation. The Novo Duo’s compatibility ensures that your research is built on reliable data.

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