Download the Novo Duo settings

Please fill out the form below to download software/data program for the bike.

  1. Start by plug your Novo Duo Display (Novo Mini) with a micro USB to your computor. The display will lighten up and you will then see the start screen.
  2. Download the map with the Zip-file and save it on your desktop.
  3. Right clich on the map and “extract all files”. Save the new map on your desktop.
  4. Open the new map (not the ZIP-map) and continue to the map “Novo mini setting v.1.0” Here it can say 32bit, but it will work on 64bit as well.
  5. Run the program “vcredist_msvc2019_x86” at the end of the map. Install this program and then restart your computor to make it work.
  6. Open the same map (as before) and start the program “NovoMiniSettings”.
  7. Choose “Connect”.
  8. Now you can activate “Inertia” and choose you “cycle constant”. Monark does not take responsibility for you test results when you have changed your cycle constant from Monark original 1.00.

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