Exercise bike – Best in Test

If you are looking for the best in tests training bike which also offers the most accurate measurements, then Monark is the brand for you. Monark has long been one of the biggest names in the bicycle industry, not only in Sweden but in large parts of Europe. This has been achieved by constantly being at the forefront of exercise bikes, transport bikes and everyday bikes. Their bikes have several times placed best in tests in several major training magazines and health magazines.


The bikes that have received the highest marks for exercise bike tests are the LC7TT, LC6 and EVO. The LC7 TT Novo is a high-tech test bike for advanced testing and research where high measurement accuracy and calibration capabilities are required. The LC6 Novo is equipped with the Novo system, which enables quick and precise adjustment of the resistance. The Monark EVO is specially designed to reproduce a realistic cycling feel in e-cycling virtual races. Virtual races take place with thousands of cyclists, 365 days a year – or when it suits you best.


For an exercise bike to be named best in tests, it must be well-constructed and durable, have a excellent and easy-to-use training computer and suit both tall and short exercisers. Preferably it is also easy to move around. When choosing an exercise bike, you should first of all think about how much you will use the bike and for what. If you intend to use it for warming up or cooling down – before or after a workout – you may not have as high demands on comfort and technology as if the exercise bike is the main workout itself. The testers have been focusing on the price, design, functions (such as number of programs and connection via Bluetooth), user-friendliness (type of resistance, flywheel, saddle/handlebar adjustability and maximum user weight) and how easy the machine is to store (size, weight and whether transport wheels are available).