Ergometer test - measure your healh

A submaximal test is one of the most widely used methods for determining leg muscle endurance, and heart and lung health. The test is designed for physically fit athletes and soldiers and should not be undertaken by anyone without a previous medical evaluation.

The test involves cycling at a constant speed on a stationary bike. During the test, the participant’s heart rate is monitored using an ergometer and the values should stay within a target zone, determined by age and gender.


The bikes we recommend for as submaximal test, during which body functions are measured, are Monark models LC7TT, LC6, 939 and 928.

The 939 is our most advanced medical cycle ergometer, It is specially designed to facilitate physiological tests during which high accuracy and repeatability is necessary and is one of the world’s most accurate cycle ergometers.

928 is the perfect cycle ergometer for work trials, training and rehabilitation. The model is a speed-independent ergometer (with constant power regardless of pedaling speed) with a low entry level and upright cycling position.

Både LC7TT och LC6 är perfekta mätcyklar, trots att dom främst är utformade för träning och tävling inom e-cykling.

Both the LC7TT and LC6 are perfect test measuring bikes, even though they are primarily designed for training and e-cycling competition.


Hållningen är viktig för noggrann testning av uthållighet samt hjärta och lunghälsa. Sitsens höjd bör justeras för varje individ som utför testet. Rätt sitthöjd bestäms av var fötterna lätt kan nå pedalerna på cykeln. Personen som det Submaximala testet ska kunna hålla sina händer på cykelstyret medan han sitter i ett huvudsakligen upprätt läge. En mindre cykel kan behövas för personer vars armar inte lätt når styret.

Participant posture is important for accurate testing of endurance as well as heart and lung health. The height of the seat should be adjusted for each individual performing the test. The correct seat height is one at which the participant’s feet can easily reach the bike pedals. The submaximal test participant should be able to keep his hands on the bicycle handlebars while sitting in a mainly upright position. A smaller bike may be needed for people whose arms do not easily reach the handlebars.